If you describe your birth as traumatic, then it was a traumatic birth experience. End of!

Life with a new baby is Tough. Sleep deprivation. Feeding. Repetition. Isolation. CHANGE. So what if on top of that, you are mentally, emotionally and physically struggling to come to terms with your birth experience.

Some new parents adjust in their own ways and in their own time, and somewhere along the line realise they have moved on with their lives as a new family.

For some, the feelings associated with a difficult or traumatic birth linger. Stress, anxiety, hyper vigilance, flashbacks and nightmares can remain, making it harder to enjoy your new baby, and life as a new parent.

There's a commonly used phrase that goes: 'all that matters is a new healthy baby'. Of course a new healthy baby matters. But guess what? YOU. MATTER. TOO.

“All that matters is a healthy baby? This short-sighted attitude not only ignores the importance of the mother's health and wellbeing, it denies the impact this has on the health of the baby... The same baby which is supposedly the top priority."

Amy Meister-Stetson

The benefits of the 3 Step Rewind program:

  • This therapy is a brief intervention that seeks relief of PTSD symptoms after 2 or 3 sessions. Occasionally the process needs to be repeated but in the majority of cases people report a significant diminishing or complete eradication of symptoms and heavy feelings.
  • If talking about the traumatic birth experience makes you feel uncomfortable there is no need the share what happened to you. You will need to remember it yourself but you can do this without re-telling.
  • The stages are carried out around a week apart, so is brief commitment.
  • This treatment is equally effective 3 months after the event as it is 3 years or even longer after the event. If PTSD symptoms or heavy feelings are still evident then the treatment is useful in eliminating them. Or if you recognise that some of the unhelpful responses that you have day to day, as a result of what happened, then treatment can help.
  • The symptoms of trauma can often be addressed in 2 or 3 sessions. The symptoms and issues around PND can be more established and may require more sessions with a qualified mental health professional,  psychologist, hypnotherapist or psychotherapist.

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