Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to the oldest club in the history of humankind - parenthood!

My name is Anna, the owner of Anna's Birth Services in Wellington, Aotearoa/NZ. When a baby is born, it is not just the birth of a new baby. It is also the birth of a new parent and I passionately believe that they both deserve to be celebrated and nurtured.  If we can have an inspired, empowered and supported perinatal experience, where we feel informed and where our choices are respected, we can be happier, more confident, more conscious and more heart-centred parents. 

offer something to suit everyone before, during or after the birth, including parent blessings, accredited KGHypnobirthing courses, birth and postnatal doula support, and 3 Step Rewind programs for birth trauma (...with a healthy commitment to lifelong learning!)

I am already looking forward to hearing from you - you won't regret it!

Aroha nui, Anna x 

Anna's Birth Services


Compassionate, unconditional and empowering doula support tailored to your needs through pregnancy, when you give birth, and in the early weeks of parenthood. I will support your choices and walk alongside you, without judgement. I love to work cohesively with your LMC and support your partner (if applicable) too! Packages to all types of parents and all births, whether you are looking for a birth or postnatal doula, or both!

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I'm the ONLY qualified KGHypnobirthing teacher in the lower North Island region! Mum of 2 hypno-babies myself and a birth doula experienced in supporting hypno-births, my 2-day accredited KGHypnobirthing course is fun, educational and relaxing! You and your partner (if applicable) will come away feeling equipped, inspired and empowered; ready to have the best possible birth for you and your baby. More calm, more confident, more in control, and looking forward to a more comfortable birth.

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Parent Blessings

Move over, baby showers! Blessing ceremonies are all about the parent! Let me organise and host your special event, where closest friends are invited to pamper, nurture and celebrate you and your rite of passage into parenthood.

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Traumatic Birth Recovery

Adjusting to life with your baby or preparing for your next birth can be even more challenging if you are struggling to make sense of a difficult birth experience. My support is two-tiered. I offer either a listening service where your story can be heard in a safe and compassionate space or for parents experiencing symptoms of a birth trauma, I will soon be offering the 3 Step Rewind technique.

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