I am an accredited BirthBliss Academy doula and member of The Doula Association. CEO and founder, Kicki Hansard, is an award winning doula, author of The Secrets of Birth. and has taught over 100 doula courses and has trained with both Penny Simkin and Phyllis Klaus, two of the founders of DONA (Doulas Of North America) as well as a number of prominent leaders in their fields, such as Jack Newman, Ina May Gaskin and Michel Odent.

I am thrilled to have been trained by Kicki, who continues to provide me with ongoing and online learning and development through The Doula Association. This support, as well as the doula community in New Zealand, enables me to continually improve and enhance my doula practice, ensuring I provide the parents of Wellington with an excellent standard of doula support.

"Women’s perceptions about their bodies and their babies’ capabilities will be deeply influenced by the care they receive around the time of birth".

Ina May Gaskin

My birth values...

  • A healthy baby is not all that matters, you matter to.
  • It's not about how baby arrives. It's about how you are made to feel through their arrival.
  • Your baby, your body, your birth
  • Birth is something you do. It is not something done to you
  • For the vast majority, birth is a physiological event, not a medical emergency
  • Birth is a feminist issue
  • Childbirth is an exciting adventure
  • Consent is not consent unless it is informed
  • If you don't know your options, you don't have any
  • Write more than 1 birth plan.
  • All births are sacred and valid. Birth is not a competition
  • You will make the best decisions for you and your baby based on the information you have and the circumstances you are in.
  • We all come with a lifetime's worth of social conditioning about birth, and it helps to reflect on that
  • Placentas are totally underrated organs and deserve utmost respect and celebration 
  • How you feel about birth can impact on how you birth
  • With change comes stress, loss and grief. Even after birth of a baby!
  • Not all people who birth babies are women.
  • Babies are miracles
  •  You CAN do ths!

Hear first hand....

Sophi was my first ever birth doula client in New Zealand. After her incredible birth, she wrote her story for Kapiti Parent Centre Magazine. To hear first hand on what it was like to have my doula support, click on Sophi's birth story.

We might be a good mix if:

  • You want a calm, intuitive presence
  • You want a good listener
  • You want someone who supports and respects your decisions and choices
  • You want a doula who is trauma-informed.
  • You want authenticity and a 'down to earth' nature.
  • You want a progressive doula who is has an inclusive outlook.
  • You want a doula who can work cohesively with your birth team and has a great connections with midwives and other professionals within the birth community
  • You want a doula who knows birth and loves her job!
  • You want a doula who knows you are stronger and more capable than you believe you are
  • You want someone to hold space for you
  • You want confidentiality
  • You want a rock in the unpredictability of birth, and someone who can support you through unforeseen changes
  • You want someone trained to support survivors of abuse, at birth
  • You want someone who is inclusive of sexuality and gender identity, and the importance of pronouns
  • You want someone with a sound knowledge of  KGHypnobirthing
  • You want a doula who can support your family too (husband/wife/partner/parents/siblings)
  • You want someone to ensure you feel at the centre of your care
  • You want a doula who is not afraid to get stuck in, use initiative and assist with practicalities
  • You want someone who doesn't embarrass easily and will be respectful of your needs for personal care or nudity
  • You want access to an up to date and comprehensive lending library of books and birthing aids
  • You want someone who can help you prepare to birth like the parent you are.