Kia Ora! Many congratulations to you on your pregnancy and welcome to my website!

I am a passionate birth worker based in wonderful windy Welly, NZ. I strongly believe that when your baby is born, so too is a new you, and you both deserve to be looked after.

My priority is your emotional well-being, so I have instinctively and intuitively trained in, and offer services that maximise your chances of enjoying optimal emotional health, as you enter parenthood.

As the only qualified KGHypnobirthing teacher in the lower North Island, I can support you to release fear, get informed and build trust, for a more comfortable and more confident birth experience. As a trained birth doula, I can support you to unleash your own inner strength to navigate your birth, for an empowering birth experience.  As the first accredited practitioner in 3 Step Rewind in the whole of NZ, I can help you lift heavy or burdening feelings following a difficult or traumatic birth experience.

Because this is YOUR body, YOUR baby and YOUR birth, and you are deserving and worthy of receiving what you need, when you need it, so you can feel at your best.

I hope you enjoy looking through the variety of services I offer. If there is something you want to know that you cannot find the answer for, I welcome all questions and inquiries!

I am already looking forward to hearing from you - you won't regret it!

Aroha nui, Anna x 

Anna's Birth Services

Birth Doula

Compassionate, unconditional and empowering doula support tailored to your needs through pregnancy, when you give birth, and in the early weeks of parenthood. I will walk alongside you, listen to and support your choices without judgement, provide evidence based information and tools for informed decision making. My support extends to your husband/wife/partner and older children and I love to work cohesively with your LMC, too.

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My 2 day course is all about your mindset for birth; trusting the process, releasing fear, and getting informed.  And no, I won't make you eat an onion believing it to be an apple! You and your partner (if applicable) will come away feeling equipped, inspired and empowered; ready to have the best possible birth for you and your baby. More calm, more confident, more in control, and looking forward to a more comfortable birth.

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3 Step Rewind

Adjusting to life with your baby, or preparing for your next birth can hard if you are struggling to shift symptoms of trauma associated with the memory a difficult birth experience. The 3 Step Rewind aims to do just that. If you are 3 months postpartum and ready to lift the distress, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, sadness or anger caused by the memory of a traumatic birth, then please get in touch. I also offer a listening service.

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Parent Blessings

Move over, baby showers! Blessing ceremonies are all about the parent; a spiritual reflection inspired by the roots of the Navajo, where traditionally, women celebrate and support the emotional and spiritual journey into motherhood by nurturing the new mother. Invite your closest friends to come together for a sacred gathering; to pamper, nurture and celebrate you on your journey to parenthood by making you feel loved, supported and held. How you do this is up to you - get creative as you like!

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