I am thrilled to be the first person in New Zealand to offer the 3 Step Rewind to kiwi families, and to be expanding my Wellbeing offerings to include anxiety, and loss.  Here you can read a little bit about the difference my Wellbeing services made to real families. 

"A healthy baby is not ALL that matters. You matter too".

Milli Hill

"You will be forever changed".

"I spent 3 years hoping the trauma from my birth would just ‘go away’ or ‘disappear’ but then when the opportunity to try the 3 Step Rewind Technique with Anna Driver came up I took it- even though I was a bit skeptical at first. Anna was so kind and gentle I was soon put at ease and felt completely comfortable sharing my story without judgement even though I didn’t have to share if I didn’t want to. The 3 Step Technique itself is remarkably simple- so much so that I didn’t know if it would work. While working with Anna I came to realise that my birth trauma had touched so many different aspects of my current life and thinking that I didn’t even realise. Within a fortnight after completing the technique I was completely in awe of how different my mindset was- I was no longer controlled by thoughts of fear, pain and failure. I could look at my birth experience without drawing forward all the pain that had plagued me for so long. I can now look forward to the birth of my second child with optimism and enjoy the experience of pregnancy without a shadow hanging over me. I know now that I can walk forward without fear and can instead continue to grow. Thankyou so much, Anna, for the work you do. I never knew something like this existed and want to recommend it to everyone, no matter how small or big your trauma may feel. If it is affecting you in any way, just do it! You will be forever changed".


"Helped me heal"

"Anna helped me heal from a traumatic birth experience. I went from feeling full of regret, worry, disappointment, stress and anxiety to a huge amount relief, calmness, acceptance and comfort with my birth experience. Anna is easy to open up to, very understanding and empathetic. highly recommend her services if you had a birth experience that was traumatic for you".