Some of the wonderful parents from my birth community, including Birth Doula clients, KGHypnobirthing families, Positive Birth Wellington parents and Birth Wise couples have generously agreed to share their birth story with you here.

On their own, each story is totally inspiring in it's own right. In these very real stories, you'll read about incredible moments, challenging moments, difficult moments, beautiful moments and transformative moments.  When put together, this page becomes a diverse collection of courageous birth experiences shared by parents just like you. Through this page, my intention is to show you that
  • You have no idea how brave and strong you are
  • Birth doulas support your choices
  • KGHypnobirthing benefits any family, in any circumstances
  • The end goal is more than a totally pain free, orgasmic birth (although it might be)
  • YOU CAN make a difference to how your baby’s birth unfolds
“I felt very lucky as I had mentally prepared”.
"On the 4th March at 1am I woke up to find that my waters had broken. “Here we go!” I
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“Yup, just perfect”.
“BABY CASHEW BORN”- Eliza, 30 April 2020, 3.985Kg Everything was perfect! It was Wednesday 29 April, your due date. We tried
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“I definitely feel I have your course to thank for the way our quick, natural and pain relief free birth
"Our baby boy Sonny arrived safe and sound. He was born 4 weeks early on 7th May and weighed 2.3kg.
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“I felt a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction”
"Our little boy arrived on Saturday 10th August at 7:26pm weighing 3.85kg. His name is Toa Tamura-Maude 🙂 We had
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“This experience of giving birth couldn’t be better. It made me feel so empowered, positive and strong”.
It was early in the morning about 3:50 am when I felt an uncomfortable period pain. Without thinking it twice
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“Giving birth to our baby was the most empowering, magical and awesome thing”
Due day was a lovely warm spring day, and I was 110% ready for our baby to be out of
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“The whole thing was incredible”
  "I’ve been trying to think of the words today to tell you about my birth. The whole thing was
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“The perfect labour, until it wasn’t!”
We couldn’t believe our luck, my contractions started early in the morning on our due date! My husband had jokingly
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“I’d done all the research I needed to make an informed decision”.
  My first birth ended with a very large baby (with head size off the charts!) and a third degree
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