KGHypnobirthing with me

It is awesome that you are considering using KGHypnobirthing for when you give birth to your baby! By exploring your options you are already getting information needed to make the best choices for you, your baby and your partner.

In late 2011, I was in your shoes. Pregnant. Hormonal. Loving my bump but equally feeling uncomfortable and restless! Somewhere along to lines I started to think about the kind of birth I wanted, amidst a lifetime’s worth of social conditioning that birth was something to fear, an undignified medical emergency, painful and messy.

Googling YouTube videos for an alternative, I distinctly remember what was the game changer for me. I'll never forget it, and still watch the videos that changed my views of birth, today!

I came across two particular birth videos that completely challenged my socially conditioned idea of what childbirth was like. Instead of seeing a labouring woman feeling passive, ill-informed, uncomfortable, exposed and vulnerable, I saw for the first time, the polar opposite. A woman, in labour. Grounded. Calm. In control. Peaceful. Sitting on a bed at home. Holding her huge pregnant belly, and singing a hymn (so beautifully) during her contractions. Singing! Her older daughter was filming while her partner played guitar, and her midwife looked on. This was the first video I ever saw that showed me that a labouring woman is strong and has great inner strength and beauty to cope with the sensations. It showed me that labour can be a spiritual, creative, family event. The second video by contrast was a couple in a birth pool. It was peaceful, quiet and dark. They were caressing, stroking and being loving, until she seemed to breathe her baby out into the water. What this showed me was that birth can be a sensual, romantic and intimate event.

These two different videos not only challenged my preconceived view of birth itself, but my preconceived view of birthing people. No matter how our birth unfolds, we are the ones doing the birthing. No one else. Therefore, we can choose to get informed. We can choose to be the decision makers. We can choose to empower ourselves. We can choose body autonomy. We can choose to demand information. We can choose to have faith. We can choose to be strong and resilient. We can choose to trust our choices. We can choose who we invite into our birth space. We can choose to our support circle. We can choose to take the right steps for us to build the confidence we need to birth like the people we are.  Like I said, these videos were my most definite game changers!

I used some self-taught hypnobirthing techniques for my first birth as I couldn't find any courses in Wellington. You can read this birth story here. I hadn't even done a course and yet after my baby's birth, I was hooked! I vowed to empower as many other parents (and usually sceptical partners) as I could, and while pregnant with my second baby, I trained to become a KGHypnobirthing teacher. My second birth was very different to my first (longer and harder due to baby's positioning), and I KNOW that with my new found knowledge and increased understanding as a KGH teacher, it was the KGHypnobirthing that got me through. You can read this birth story here.

I teach KGHypnobirthing with passion because I KNOW what a difference it can make to birth. Not just from my own experience mine, but from the parents I support too. No matter how birth unfolds (because I don't pretend birth is smooth sailing), it can always make a difference.

So why should you do a KGH course with me?

  • Through information and inspiration, you will begin to trust your body.
  • You will understand the physiology of birth, what happens to your body during labour and birth, so that you don’t panic with every contraction and therefore optimise your chances of birthing without intervention.
  • Through information and evidence, you will begin to trust in your decision making.
  • You will feel empowered to make the choices you are happy with. To expect to be treated like the boss, not someone in need of rescuing.
  • I keep it real. I don't make promises and will never guarantee you a pain free birth (sorry!) and won’t tell you to rule out pain relief (although you may feel like you don’t need it), but will give you techniques and information to help re-frame your understanding of 'pain', how to respond to it, and leave you feel equipped to manage.
  • You will be provided with the tools and support so you feel informed and equipped to deal with however you birth.
  • I don't teach about the a plan A birth, but rather a plan A, B, C and D. I keep it real. We will acknowledge that birth can sometimes be unpredictable (and that’s ok – birth, like life, is unpredictable and we can never control everything). But you will be encouraged to think about how you will deal with the unexpected, and how to use KGH technniques for all births.
  • You will understand the impact your state of mind will have on how your body births, and how you can create the conditions you need for a comfortable and efficient labour.
  • You will understand about procedures or interventions that may be offered to you, and how to get information to make the right decisions and birth your baby in the best way, based on the circumstances you are in at the time, and how to avoid unnecessary (aka without a strong medical need) interventions.
  • You will understand the importance of your birth partner and that a KGHypnobirth takes a team effort.
  • Your partner will feel confident and have a central and active role in the birth for a truly shared and loving experience.
  • You will understand that you and your baby are a team, working together in birth
  • You will realise that birth is something YOU do, not something that is done TO you.


To hear an empowered birth story from KGHypnobirthing parent Ella Mills from Deliciously Ella, check out her latest podcast “Changing the birth narrative”.  They welcomed their beautiful baby, Skye, at home in a birthing pool in July 2019, with Ella saying she had never felt so powerful.

Me at 20 weeks pregnant (far right) and Katharine Graves (centre) with fellow students during our KGH teacher training.


My KGH course aims to:


  • Hypnotherapy and hypnosis
  • The logic of KGH
  • How the body and hormones works in labour
  • The powerhouse that is the Uterus
  • The Brain and the importance of your state of mind
  • How to create the optimal environment for birth
  • How to be an optimal birth partner
  • The Path to Birth and how to assist your baby's descent
  • Common interventions and how to make decisions you feel good about
  • NZ's midwifery model and maternity system


  • A friendly, inclusive and welcoming vibe
  • Strategies to protect and nurture your state of mind
  • Simple yet effective breathing exercises that work with your labouring body
  • Visualisations
  • Affirmations for the birthing
  • Affirmations for the non-birthing parent (if applicable)
  • Strategies to nurture your maternal mental health
  • Spine tingling massage techniques
  • Ways to reduce and release fear and build confidence
  • Helpful questions to ask to get the information you need
  • Techniques to prepare your body for birth
  • Interactive KGH birth plan and other recommended templates
  • Information and handouts to take away
  • Course notes and practice routines to follow at home
  • A sense of community and connection with like minded parents


  • Diverse KGH birth stories from Wellington couples like you, who I have personally taught! Hear how they applied what they learned and owned their birth in their own way
  • Amazing birth videos to challenge what we see in the media
  • Follow up emails from me, with relevant links and information
  • I was in your shoes once! Hear my own KGHypnobirthing experiences so you can trust I am not just talking the talk.
  • Access to holistic and empowering lending library that supports KGH and the recommended reading
  • Come away with practical, accessible and complication free strategies that can be easily built into your daily routine
  • Unlimited phone/email emotional support from me up until the birth of your baby!
  • Access to a variety of free resources, including daily positive statements, image affirmations and a popular relaxation audio to name but a few!


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The Hypnobirthing Book


If you need any more reasons to do a KGHypnobirthing course, have a listen to comedian Russell Brand chatting to Katharine all about KGHypnobirthing and its many benefits. (NB since this broadcast came out the information regarding the MBBRACE study has changed; there is no evidence to support prolonging pregnancy beyond 42 weeks).




My goal, my mission if you like, is for parents to be able to look back on their birth experience with proud, joyous and positive memories, where they empowered by their experience and able to own their choices. I am passionate about helping parents to take ownership of their experience, feel confident and to strip the societal BS they have been conditioned to believe about birth.

Birth doula (and very active in the Doulas of Aotearoa community), Blessing Way facilitator, birth trauma supporter, antenatal teacher... What can I say?! I am hooked on supporting new parentss.  I am constantly learning, reflecting, improving and enhancing my course. It getting fuller and fuller as I am eager to share it with you!

I am well connected within the wider Wellington birth scene and community, as well as with international and national renowned birth workers (Claire Eccleston, Kelly Spriggs, Katharine Graves, Milli Hill, Mark Harris, Penny Simpkin, Kicki Hansard to name a few). If I can’t answer your question or help with something, I know someone who can.

Have a look around my website and be sure to check out the testimonials from other parents who have KGHypnobirthed with me. Any questions, just ask.

To check out the course dates for 2021 hop over the the Hypnobirthing services page.

Warm wishes,

Anna x