Tēnā koutou katoa.

Ko Anna tōku ingoa.
Nō Ingarangi (England) ahau
Ko Southampton tōku turangawaewae.
E noho ana ahau i Aotearoa mō ngā tau e rima.
Kei Wellington (Te whanganui ā Tara) au e noho ana.
Ko Rosie tōku mama. Ko David tōku papa. Ko Dom tōku hoa rangatira.
Ko Isaac raua ko Asher aku tamaiti.

No reira tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa.


Hi everyone, I'm Anna. I am originally from the town of Southampton, in England, UK. I am a daughter of Rosie and David. I live with my life partner Dom, our two amazing small people and a cat who adopted us. I am a younger sister to two older brothers, a niece, an auntie, a cousin, a good friend and a citizen of the world! My wider family are in the UK, and I luckily have some cuzzies in beautiful Waikato, too.

In no particular order, I love music, sleep, friends, travel, the great outdoors, a good coffee, a beautiful view, a glass of red, stand-up comedy, chocolate, movies, art and photography, and a good series on Netflix!


So how did I get into the birth world?

Way before starting my own family, I studied for a Bachelors degree in Language and Communication at the wonderful city and Capital of Wales, Cardiff.  Afterwards, my passion for working with people pulled me towards achieving a Masters with Distinction in Social Work. I enjoyed working in family support and child protection in the UK and it wasn’t long before my partner and I yearned for travel. So, having fallen in love with NZ from my early twenties back-packing days, we moved to NZ where I continued my social work practice with CCDHB, this time working with adults experiencing moderate to severe mental illness.

In 2011 I had my first baby with the support of holistic antenatal education from Birth Wise Wellington, a Hypnobirthing book from their library, and the wonderful Domino midwives. You can read my first birth story here. Like most things in life, having hindsight is a wonderful thing. I didn't hear of a doula until after his birth, nor could I find any other hypnobirthing books, let alone courses. Far away from the support of my family and only knowing about one type of hypnobirthing, I soon realised how important it was to feel supported and informed during pregnancy, childbirth and in those hazey days of early parenthood. I was so fascinated by birth and the difference that feeling supported made to a birth experience and postnatally, it was an easy decision for me to train to be a doula.

So, in 2013 after a move back to the UK, I trained with the award-winning doula (Pregnancy and Birth Magazine Doula of the Year 2009) and author of Secrets of Birth, Kicki Hansard of BirthBliss Academy. This was a fantastic course and equipped me with the extra knowledge I needed, together with my own birth experience, to support other new parents. Once certified, I became a member of Doula UK. After only supporting a few parents at their birth and getting engaged in a birth community, I knew birth work was something I LOVED.

In 2014 I became happily pregnant with my second baby (following one previous miscarriage). After having read one hypnobirthing book back in NZ, I was eager to find out more about it including other experts in the field, and the options available to me, in hope it would make an even bigger difference to my second birth experience.  I found out about the incredible London based Hypnotherapist, Doula and Hypnobirthing teacher Katharine Graves of  KGHypnobirthing (KGH) and soon snapped up the opportunity to extend my birth work by teaching her model of Hypnobirthing to other expectant parents. I trained to become a KGHypnobirthing teacher (which is an accredited qualification by the Royal College of Midwives) while 20 weeks pregnant and was thrilled to see first hand the difference it made to my pregnancy and birth. Using the techniques I was qualified to teach, my second baby took a long time (32 hours!) to enter the world in 2015. This confirmed to me the profound differences KGHypnobirthing can make compared to other hynobirthing models, as well as the benefits of attending a course over just reading a book. You can read about his birth here.

I am the ONLY qualified KGH teacher and member of KGH association in the lower North Region so please book early to avoid disappointment!

In April 2016, my unquenchable thirst for supporting new parents led me train with 'the grandmother of all doulas', Penny Simkin, when I attended her 'When Survivors Give Birth' workshop for birth workers. This was an essential and insightful course on how best to support survivors of abuse and has had a huge impact on the way I support birthing women. While back in the UK, I also was lucky to cross paths with 'Birthing for Blokes' male midwife and author of Men, Love and BirthMark Harris. I am excited to say that Mark is only an email or skype chat away for my clients to answer any questions and provide a FREE and independent perspective.

And now?


We moved back to our spiritual home of Wellington in 2016, and my passion to support parents of Wellington has not stopped! Alongside being a parent and supporting parents, I am excited to be a very active and busy member of Wellington's vibrant birth community!

  • I am thrilled to be sharing my passion as a facilitator with Wellington's 25 year running quality antenatal institution, the holistic-focused Birth Wise Wellington 
  • I am a volunteer for the global Positive Birth Movement by maintaining the Wellington Facebook page. I hope to relaunch Wellington's own community Positive Birth Group
  • I am dedicated to supporting parents who have had a traumatic birth and have recently invested in this service. I am currently training with Traumatic Birth Recovery in the 3 Step Rewind technique, and hope to offer this brief and effective intervention to help lift parent's symptoms of PTSD following a traumatic birth.
  • I have great connections to the birth community of Wellington, including organisations such as Little Shadow Home Birth Aotearoa, Birth Hub, La Leche LeaugeBabywearing Wellington and more. I am a donator to Bellyful. I have great networks among holistic therapies such as acupuncturists, placenta encapsulation specialists, osteopaths, pregnancy and infant massage therapists, and antenatal and postnatal health and fitness experts.
  • I am committed to continuing to develop therapeutic relationships with our amazing midwives, and support them however I can in their pursuit for improved conditions, and am a consumer member of NZCoM.
  • I am actively engaged with our growing whanau of doulas both in Wellington and across the country, so we can protect and promote our role, strengthen our connection, and best support the new parents of Wellington.

I believe that the benefits of feeling supported during pregnancy, birth and beyond cannot be underestimated. It is the driving factor behind my passion for and dedication to expectant parents, and I would be immensely privileged to support you through your journey into parenthood, whether it is for the first or tenth time!

I look forward to hearing from you,


Anna xx

BA (Hons), MSC Social Work, Dip(KGH)