What do  I cover? Lots!

Who am I and why do I do this

What we bring to birth

Permission to protect

What is Hypnotherapy and what is Hypnosis

What is KGHypnobirthing

How does KGHypnobirthing work

Power of the mind – the relationship between the subconscious and conscious

The Mind-body connection

How other mammals birth

The Power House that is the Uterus

Birthing hormones  - which ones you want, which ones you don’t want, and how to make the right ones happen

Spine tingling massage techniques

3 Breathing techniques- for relaxation, for during labour and for pushing

Plenty of KGHypnobirthing practice - in a group and in couples

Releasing fear and building confidence

Visualisations - why and how

Affirmations – how our thoughts control our feelings

Dealing with distractions – tips to stay relaxed

Movement and positions for optimal progress in labour

The birth partner – knowing your role and having practical and emotional tools to be the best birth partner you can

Preparing your body for birth

Preparing your baby for birth

Place of birth- your options, how to choose, and how to optimise any location

Understanding ‘the system’ - improve your understanding of the maternity system and tips to help them to help you

Intervention- length of pregnancy, length of labour, your options, the evidence

Strategies to getting the information you need to make solid, confident decisions

Birth plans

Early labour run through - what to expect and what to do

Established labour run through- what to expect and what to

KGHypnobirthing videos

As well as all of this, you can ask me ANYTHING. I will do my best to answer, and if it is not within my level of expertise, I have a community of birth experts at my finger tips who will have the answer!