I've had the pleasure of teaching KGHypnobirthing to a number of wonderful parents in the UK, and since arriving back in New Zealand. Have a look at some testimonials to read about their thoughts.

"For any men who are doubtful of KGHypnobirthing, I would recommend it"

“I was at first slightly reticent to use KGHypnobirthing as I thought it relied on being hypnotised. I spoke to Anna about my concerns and she put my mind at ease about its uses and how it could help Stacey and myself through the birthing experience. I thought that it was going to be all for the mother, with the father just around to support but I found that reciting the scripts and practising the visualisations helped me through the labour too. It's pretty intense watching your partner so the weeks of practice helped me to stay focused and help Stacey through contractions. For any men who are doubtful of KGhypnobirthing, I would recommend it”

Greg - 2nd time Dad

"I wasn't emotionally or physically spent like I was with my first child's delivery".

"KGHypnobirthing was very helpful in educating us on all the natural physiological processes that occur during the entire labour process which gave me peace of mind and sense of trust in the body's amazing abilities.  The relaxation exercises were great for helping me to relax in the late stages of my pregnancy.  These exercises were also vital in allowing me to conserve energy and stay calm in the early stages of labour so that when I got to active labour I wasn't emotionally or physically spent like I was with my first child's delivery.

Although I didn't find I wanted to listen to the guided relaxation recordings during active labour my husband and I had great awareness around the importance of breathing as a result of the course.  This meant I was able to deliver without an epidural this time and as a result my immediate post delivery state was more present and clear.  We were also able to leave with our new baby after 3.5 hours from delivery whereas with my first child we had to stay 3 nights.  We are really grateful to Anna for her guidance and care and her passion for what she does".

Anonymous - 2nd time Mum 


"I felt like superwoman afterwards!"

"Anna is a thoroughly genuine and lovely person who instantly made me feel calm. I was due to have my second posterior birth and was rightfully anxious. With the relaxation and breathing techniques that I learned from Anna I was able to have a natural birth and felt like superwoman afterwards! I can’t recommend her services enough".

Emma - 2nd time Mum

"This practices makes us stronger and happier as a team "

“It was a big privilege to be part of Anna's KGHypnobirthing Course because it gave my partner and I so much knowledge and confidence to feel more empowered to prepare for the best possible birth for us.

We are not far from having baby #1 in our arms and so we try to practice lots of techniques for relaxation, breathing and positive statements. This practices makes us stronger and happier as a team and a family too!

Exited - happy - empowered - confident - supported - informed - positive - calm and natural are some of the words that I feel when I think of the word Birth thanks to this course.

Definitely we recommend it to any one”.

Emmie - 1st time Mum 


"KGHypnobirthing works with both my scientific mind and the art of caring"

"I am so grateful I found KGHypnobirthing and Anna's course. I really was empowered by it (this is my first child) and was able to enjoy the birth experience. I had a home birth as planned and required no pain killers. My midwife was very supportive of hypno birthing (definitely important). Although I had read the book beforehand I felt Anna's course got me practicing the relaxation techniques with my husband. I'm a nurse by profession and KGHypnobirthing works with both my scientific mind and the art of caring. Thank you Anna for giving me this wonderful opportunity so late in my pregnancy."

Anonymous - 1st time Mum

"A positive birth experience"

“KGHypnobirthing was an important part of my preparation for birth. And I believe that all the meditation, facing my fears and breathing exercise help me to have a positive birth experience at the end”.

Pavla - 1st time Mum 


"It was 100% worthwhile".

"Anna’s KGHypnobirthing course was hugely beneficial to my partner and I and instrumental in preparing us for the home birth of our son earlier this month. We first met Anna through our antenatal classes. When I found out Anna offered hypnobirthing courses I thought it must be meant to be! I had previously heard vaguely about hypnobirthing but knew little about what it actually involved. However, I knew it was something I wanted to look into. My partner and I had been exploring the idea of a home birth but we were undecided and somewhat hesitant as this was our first baby and we had no close friends who’d had a home birth. For me I knew I wanted a natural birth without intervention if possible. I realised that the best way to achieve this was to work on my head space and expose myself to more positive messages and stories. I’ve found that there are plenty of ‘scare stories’ we’re exposed to as parents-to-be so it’s important to try to tip the balance back toward the positive.
We did a private hypnobirthing course with Anna coming to our house. My partner and I both learned so much from the course, both practical tools and techniques and mental preparation. We learned some great breathing techniques, visualisations and affirmations to help get through each stage of labour. The course was also really valuable for my partner as he learned how to be be a great support person. After the course we both felt so positive and excited about the birth as opposed to nervous and apprehensive. We made good use of the course materials we were provided (MP3 downloads and KGHypnobirthing book) in the lead up to birth which kept us on track and in a good head space.
Overall I can say with certainty that Anna’s hypnobirthing course was highly valuable for us and made a significant difference in our birth experience. We had such a lovely home birth experience during which I used the breathing techniques Anna taught me. My partner reminded me about my breathing when things were intense and supported me with encouragement and affirmations. He also used some of the acupressure and massage techniques Anna taught him. The hypnobirthing course gave us confidence and totally reduced any fears that were lingering in the back of our minds. We went into our birth experience feeling calm and ready so for us it was 100% worthwhile. To anyone considering hypnobirthing during their pregnancy, I highly recommend getting in touch with Anna. She is wonderful!".

Ashleigh - first time Mum 


"Birth isn't something we suffer, but something we actively do, and exalt in!"

Sheila Kitzinger

"Anna made us feel incredibly relaxed about birth and also whatever was right for us"

“Our KGHypnobirthing course delivered by the wonderful Anna Driver was an enlightening experience in itself; a perfect way to stop and think about what the birth of our child really meant and how, ideally, we would like it to happen. The downward breathing and the visualisation of the flower opening was sooo useful. I pushed for 2 1/2 hours. What a feeling when he came out! The best moment of my life meeting my son for the first time! Anna made us feel incredibly relaxed about birth and also whatever was right for us. The content of the course was extremely interesting and relevant and even after the birth and now our beautiful son is here, the philosophies behind KGHypnobirthing are important to us”

Polly - 1st time Mum 

"She created a safe space to discuss difficult thoughts and clearly show KGHypnobirthing techniques to help"

 “Working with Anna to understand how KGHypnobirthing could help my labour was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. Anna was extremely understanding of my fears and I felt I could explain myself without fear of judgement or condescension. She created a safe space to discuss difficult thoughts and clearly show KGHypnobirthing techniques to help. The written material she gave us was extremely thorough and very clear; we enjoyed getting our folder out every night before bed to practice our scripts together. I used these visualisations during early labour to calm and focus me. I had a natural birth in a birthing pool only using gas and air towards the end. I used all the KGHypnobirthing techniques through early labour and was feeling calm, relaxed and focused to let out the animal in me for established labour and pushing phase! Using the KGHypnobirthing techniques Anna taught us changed the last few weeks of pregnancy into a relaxed time, I just wish I had started earlier!”

Stacey - 2nd time Mum 

"I would advise every women to do it!”

“Thank you Anna for my lovely KGHypnobirthing session! It was brilliant and it helped me towards having a very relaxed and stress-free labour! Was unsure if KGHypnobirthing would work as I was having my second child, but I can honestly say that it is amazing and I would advise every women to do it!”

Anonymous - 2nd time parent 

"It made a big difference"

“We are really grateful to Anna her guidance and care and her passion for what she does. We did the KGHypnobirthing course through Anna and we believe it made a big difference with the delivery of a second child. We would definitely recommend Anna if you're considering a natural (pain-relief free) delivery”.

Cheryl - 2nd time Mum

"I felt empowered"

"The breathing and KGHypnobirthing mindset was enormously helpful in the days leading up to the birth and during labour. I used breathing and the pool and didn’t need any pain relief or intervention – so I felt like the work we did together really helped me to have an efficient and smooth delivery (she was born 5 hours after we got to hospital). We’ve had a wonderful first week with her.  I feel quite overwhelmed that I was able to go through labour without pain relief and I felt empowered by how helpful the breathing was. The midwife had to break my waters manually and after that the intensity of the contractions increased a lot. After that I remember a handful of times when  felt panicked, cursed and felt like I couldn’t handle the pain and wasn’t able to push her out, but I realised that this mindset wasn’t helping to ease the pain and that focusing on my breathing helped so much more. Understanding the relationship between fear – tension – pain helped me switch my focus to breathing. I will definitely talk about birth differently to people from now on”.

Susannah - 1st time Mum

"I was focused and in control"

"Attending Anna Driver’s KGHypnobirthing course was absolutely the best thing I could have done to prepare for the birth of my second child. After a difficult first birth I felt quite afraid about birthing a second time. I joined Anna’s course as a way of having some extra tools in my toolkit to help me through birth. It turned out that KGHypnobirthing changed everything for me and became a huge part of my pregnancy too.

Anna’s course not only taught me invaluable skills around breathing and visualisations but also how to take control of my pregnancy and birth. Through my daily practise I slowly gained confidence in my ability to birth, the fear I had eased and by the time the birth came around I was focused and in control and I knew exactly what I wanted and needed to do to have a positive birthing experience.

Anna has been completely supportive throughout this entire process. She really cares. She delivers a personal, friendly and informative course in a safe environment. She ultimately wants the best for her clients and celebrates with them along the way.

Thank you Anna!"

Anonymous - 2nd time Mum