Birth Services Baby Bank!

  • Need some baby clothes? In effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, I have a bank of kindly donated items from previous parents of Anna's Birth Services, free for any parents I support. If you have booked a service with me and would like to collect some, or if you'd like to pay it forward and have items you'd like to donate, contact me today!

Available for Hire

Birthing equipment

  • Birth Balls (sizes may vary)
  • Birth Matts (made for you at your request and expense)
  • Rebozo (for birth doula clients only)


  • DOULA! The ultimate Birth Companion
  • Orgasmic Birth (digital copy)
  • Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin & the Farm Midwives
  • Breastfeeding Naturally
  • Yoga for me and my baby
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Wearing Your Baby

Educational resources

  • Kicki Hansards visual Birth map (used in antenatal sessions)
  • Knitted breast (teaching aid for breastfeeding Mums)


Blessing Ways

  • The Blessingway; Creating a beautiful Blessingway ceremony -  Veronika Sophia Robinson
  • Blessingways; A Guide to Mother-Centred Baby Showers - Shari Maser

Pregnancy and Birth

  • Am I Allowed? - Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (UK)
  • Birth after Caesarean - Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (UK)
  • Birth Over 35 - Sheila Kitzinger
  • Birthing Your Baby - Second Stage. - Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (UK)
  • Birthing Your Placenta, The Third Stage - Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (UK)
  • Breech Birth - What are my options? - Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (UK)
  • Caesarean Birth - Your Questions Answered - Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (UK)
  • Birthing from Within; An extra-ordinary guide to childbirth preparation - Pam England Rob Horowitz
  • Birth Matters; A midwife’s manifesta - Ina May Gaskin
  • Birth Skills; Proven pain-management techniques for your labour and birth - Juju Sundin
  • Blooming Gorgeous; Wellbeing and beauty during pregnancy - Jo Glanville-Blackburn
  • Childbirth Without Fear – Grantly Dick-Read
  • Dynamic Positions in Birth - Margaret Jowitt
  • Fearless Birthing - Alexia Leachman
  • Gentle birth, gentle mothering; A Doctor’s guide to natural childbirth and gentle early parenting choices - Sarah J. Buckley, MD.
  • Give Birth Like a Feminist - Milli Hill
  • Group B Strep Explained - Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (UK)
  • Home Birth; A Practical guide - Nicky Wesson
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth - Ina May Gaskin
  • Inducing Labour: Making Informed Decisions - Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (UK)
  • Inducing Labour: Making Informed Decisions - Dr Sara Wickham
  • Misconceptions - Naomi Wolf
  • Pilates for Pregnancy; gentle and effective techniques for before and after birth – Anna Selby
  • Primal Health - Michel Odent
  • Relieving Pelvic Pain; during and after pregnancy – Cecile Rost
  • Roar Behind The Silence - Sheena Byrom and Soo Downe
  • Safety in Childbirth - Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (UK)
  • Spiritual Midwifery - Ina May Gaskin  VOLUME 1 OF 2 ALSO AVAILABLE IN EASY READ LARGE PRINT 16 PT. VERDANA
  • The new Pregnancy and Childbirth; choices and challenges - Sheila Kitzinger
  • The New Zealand Pregnancy Book - Sue Pollun and Cheryl Benn
  • The Pregnancy Question and Answer book - Dr Christopher Lees, Dr Karina Reynolds and Grainne McCartan
  • The Positive Birth Book; A new approach to pregnancy, birth and the early weeks - Milli Hill
  • The Secrets of Birth - Kicki Hansard
  • Up The Duff - Kaz Cooke
  • What's Right for Me? - Dr Sara Wichkam
  • Where the Heart Is. Stories of Home Births in New Zealana - Carla Sargent
  • Why Human Rights in Childbirth Matter - Rebecca Schiller
  • Vitamin K and the Newborn - Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (UK)
  • Your No Guilt Pregnancy Plan - A revolutionary guide to pregnancy, birth and the weeks that follow - Rebecca Schiller


  • Baby Gone. True NZ stories of infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss - Jenny Douche
  • How to Heal a Bad Birth: Making Sense, Making Peace and Moving on - Debby A. Gould and Melissa J Bruijn
  • The Adoption Reader - Susan Wadia - Ells


  • Mindful Hypnobirthing - Sophie Fletcher
  • HypnoBirthing; The Mongan Method - Marie Mongan (includes audio CD)
  • The Calm Birth Method - Suzy Ashworth
  • The Hypnobirthing Book – Katharine Graves (for parents who do the KGH course)
  • Why Hypnobirthing Matters - Katrina Berry
  • Your baby, Your birth - Hollie de Cruz

Dads, Partners or Birth Partners

  • Deliver! A concise guide to helping the woman you love through labour - Julie Dubrouillet and Simon Firth
  • Men, Love and Birth - Mark Harris
  • The Birth Partner; A complete guide to childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and all other labour companions - Penny Simkin
  • Whoosh! A Little Book for Birth Companions - Katie Brooke

Survivors of Abuse

  • When Survivors Give Birth - Penny Simkin


  • The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians. 2nd Edition - Rachel Pepper
  • Becoming Dads: A Gay Couple's Journey to Adoption - Pablo Fernández​
  • Where's The Mother? Stories from a Transgender Dad - Trevor MacDonald


  • Hello Baby - Jenni Overend
  • There's A House Inside My Mummy - Giles Andreae
  • My New Baby - Child Play (International) Ltd

Infant feeding

  • Bestfeeding - Mary Renfrew, Chloe Fisher and Suzanne Arms
  • The natural way to better breastfeeding - Francis Naish and Janette Roberts
  • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding - La Leche Leaugue International
  • Mothering; Your Nursing Toddler - Norma Jane Bumgarner
  • Off to a good start; all you need to know about breastfeeding your baby - NHS Scotland
  • An Introduction to Biological Nurturing  - Suzanne Colson


  • Gentle Birth Companions; Doulas serving humanity - Adela Stockton
  • Mothering the Mother; How a Doula can help you have a shorter, easier, and healthier birth - Marshall Klaus, John Kennell, and Phyliss Klaus
  • Why Doulas Matter - Maddie McMahon

Perinatal Mental Health

  • Why Perinatal Depression Matters - Mia Scotland
  • Mothers Cry Too - Dr Sara Weeks
  • Are you OK? Really? - A resource about perinatal mental health for Care providers by PADA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa)

Complementary Therapies

  • The Women’s guide to Homeopathy; The natural way to a healthier life for women - Dr Andrew Lockie and Dr Nicola Geddes
  • Meditations for New Mothers. 1992 - Beth Wilson Saavedra.
  • Aromatherapy; a guide for home use - Christine Westwood.
  • Introducing Aromatherapy - Margrit Bachman


  • Mothering from your Centre - Tami Lynn Kent
  • The Attachment Parenting Book - William and Martha Sears
  • The New Contended Little Baby book - Gina Ford
  • The Idle Parent - Tom Hodgkinson
  • The No-Cry sleep Solution - Elizabeth Pantley
  • The Whole Brain Child - Dr Daniel Seigel and Dr Tina Payne Bryson
  • Their Name is Today, Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World - Johann Christoph Arnold