I was 41 weeks when my labor started. I woke up at 7 am. I felt little pop inside of me. I got up and went to the toilet where I saw a little bit of blood. My contractions started from then on, two every ten minutes. I saw my husband and we had quite a connection there. The baby was coming. I remember I felt quite steady but dreamy too. We went to the lounge and I started to count the contractions on a flower hour. I also started with Tens machine. My husband started to prepare the birthing space, mattress, pool, food etc. The roles were given.  The contractions kept coming. Within the next hour I wasn't able to count the contractions any more. I knew though they were getting stronger. I couldn'tt use the Tens machine anymore either as I didn't know how to turn it off in between the contractions and I called my husband to press birth acupressure points instead. In between the contractions my husband called my midwife and my doula too. My midwife arrived around 9, 10 am. My doula Anna arrived around the same time. When they got there I was quite immobile. I was lying on a mattress in the lounge and didn't move. It was quite painful and I didn't know what to do. Later my husband told me this was the hardest time for him  to see me there in pain, unable to help. When my midwife came she checked my dilation. I was 5 cm. Things were moving quickly.  They asked me to get up from the mattress and lean over the edge of our couch. Oh how that helped.  I liked the firm ground under my knees and the soft cushions I was resting on with the top of my body. It lessened the sensations too. Three pairs of hands were feeding me with mandarin, bliss balls, bits of toast and giving me heaps to drink in the next few hours. I felt I was being looked after. Things and people around me became more distant, like having a bubble around me. All I was able to do was going from one wave to another. I liked the rest in between. The birthing hormones  were amazing, so much power.  I remember the sensation of the birth, dull powerful pressure. I remember my  husband pressing the acupressure points. That really got me through the birth. I used some homeopathic remedy from the birthing kit.That helped me too.I was visualising I´m opening like a flower, soft, natural, beautiful. I was ready for my baby. I wasn't fighting anything. I went with it.  After few hours of laboring I was quite stiff in my hips, quite tensed. My midwife must have seen this as she moved my hips with her hands and loosen them up in a circle. That made a huge difference. Everything inside of me moved. The amniotic fluid rocked and my baby moved and dropped a little more. I went to the pool and the baby was born within the next hour. The pool was great. It took at least 30 % of the pressure away and my body got lighter too. I wish I would have gone there earlier. I had a few powerful contractions and soon I felt my sons head coming down the birth canal. I felt my waters braking when his head came out. I was aware of it all. It was such amazing moment. I had to change a position and in a few more contractions his whole body came out. I was ecstatic. I loved my husband being in the pool with me. I sat in front of him with our son in my arms and he was holding both of us, giving us something to lean on. It was such a precious moment. Our son was born 6 hours after the first contraction. He was healthy, beautiful and perfect. I was so relieved and happy. We bathed in the moment. We stayed in the pool for some time and then my placenta came out. We got out of the pool and I needed some stitches. I was afraid but it was less than a bee sting. Then I set in my chair and my son did a breast crawl and fed from both breasts within an hour of his birth. We loved him so much already. It was such a high. Amazing absolutely mind blowing and miraculous. The world became a better place in that moment. I had my baby. Oh it was hard and it was wonderful. I loved it all. When I got up again I lost some more blood. My midwife counted I lost almost 1 litre of blood all together and called an ambulance for extra safety. This  was the worst part of my birth story because my baby couldn't come with me in the ambulance. My husband had to follow me with our baby in our own car. I was so anxious and scared something is going to happen to them. I hated to be separated from my son so soon after the birth. It was horrible. Hour later we were together again and I felt relieved once again. We all stayed in one room which made things better. I didn't like to be in the hospital but all and all I was glad we went there. We were back home the next evening. It was good to be in our own space again. I was able to find my own rhythm again and we started life with our beautiful baby boy. I was tired and sore but we felt so much love as well. We were high in love.