We couldn’t believe our luck, my contractions started early in the morning on our due date! My husband had jokingly asked whether my contractions could start in the morning, as with our first son the contractions had started just before bedtime so we had been up all night, and then all day before he was born. This time round, our second-born was delivered at 11:26 p.m on his due date (just!) after a peaceful night sleep before.

With this being our second child, I knew exactly what kind of delivery I wanted, namely drugs, drugs and more drugs! It went to plan! My contractions grew gradually stronger and more frequent throughout the day. We timed the drive to the hospital right and this time around the contractions didn’t slow down once we were admitted to hospital. Our lovely Doula Anna met us there – almost perfect timing as soon as we got to the elevator. She kept me calm, dimmed the lights, and kept topping me up with refreshments when this was exactly what I needed without even knowing it. I didn’t have a consistent midwife due to a shortage, hence hiring a Doula this time around, but Anna recommended and made sure everyone was aware of my visual birth plan. I think bubs must have been reading it too as he knew exactly what to do. My labour seemed really calm and efficient. There was one very emotional blip when the staff thought I might not be able to have an epidural (something to do with blood tests, I think) but Anna calmed me down, reminding me that the decision had not been made yet and stating that we could go through some other pain relief options if we needed to. Thankfully I got my epidural and I pushed the baby out like a pro (apparently lol!) without needing ventouse or forceps. He was placed on my chest, latched straight onto the breast and I was in love! I had always loved our eldest son with all my heart and a small part of me was worried whether I would be able to love a second child as much. Totally not a problem, my heart just doubled in size and I couldn’t take my eyes off him until…

…the blood loss, 2.1 litres of it to be exact. Weakness, pain, vomit inducing drugs, the shakes and dehydration followed. It lasted a couple of hours I think, but it felt much longer. After lots of fluids, but just escaping a blood transfusion, they moved us all to a private room to recover. Anna never left our side until we were all established in recovery.

We returned home just two days later, where my new baby was welcomed into the world by the best big brother ever. Their relationship blossoms and grows every day and they both make me feel so proud and joyful.