"Our baby boy Sonny arrived safe and sound. He was born 4 weeks early on 7th May and weighed 2.3kg. We were pretty surprised when my waters broke at 11:30 whilst down in Hataitai village getting coffee! We called the midwife and quickly packed our bags (a job I'd been meaning to do but hadn't). When we got to the hospital they gave me antibiotics and monitored baby and said all was fine. Midwife went home at about 5pm leaving us in the delivery suite and nothing was happening. Andy and I had dinner and played cards and a few hours later frequent but slightly irregular waves of cramping started which ramped up pretty quickly. Luckily for us the hospital midwife was a hypnobirthing teacher and was absolutely amazing. She just left us to it and breezed in and out occasionally. Speaking mainly to Andy so quietly I was barely aware she was there. After about 2.5 hours of established labour (sitting on the Swiss ball, up breathing with the affirmations on and Andy rubbing my back) we decided a vaginal examination was a good idea. I was dreading her telling me I was only three centimetres but straight away she said 'you're 9cm this baby is nearly here'. Within another 30 minutes our baby boy arrived! Our midwife arrived 5 minutes before he did.
We're overjoyed to have him here safe and sound and after 8 nights in NICU it feels amazing to be home all hanging out together. Can't believe he's here and he's ours!
Thanks again for all your help. I definitely feel I have your course to thank for the way our quick, natural and pain relief free birth unfolded.
Jo, Andy and Sonny".