Want an overview of the course? Take a look!


What is Hypnotherapy and what is Hypnosis

What is KGHypnobirthing

How does KGHypnobirthing work

The Brain

The Mind-body connection

How other mammals birth

The Muscles of the Uterus

Birthing hormones  - which ones you want, which ones you don’t want, and how to make the right ones happen

Spine tingling massage

2 Breathing techniques- for relaxation, for during labour and for bearing down (pushing)

Visualisations - why and how

Plenty of KGHypnobirthing practice

Fear releasing

Affirmations for both parents – how our thoughts control our feelings

Dealing with distractions – tips to stay relaxed

Movement and positions for optimal progress in labour

The birth partner – knowing your role and having practical and emotional tools to be the best birth partner you can

Preparing your body for birth

Preparing your baby for birth

Place of birth- your options, how to choose, and how to optimise any location

How to emerge from birth feeling emotionally safe

Understanding ‘the system’ - improve your understanding of the maternity system and tips to help them to help you

Common Interventions - your options, the evidence

Strategies to getting the information you need to make solid, confident decisions

Birth plans - should you shouldn't you?

Early labour run through - what to expect and what to do

Established labour run through- what to expect and what to

Hear from KGH families about their KGH births

KGHypnobirthing videos

...and so much more!

As well as all of this, you can ask me ANYTHING. I will do my best to answer, and if it is not within my level of expertise, I have a community of birth experts at my finger tips who will have the answer!