Some of the wonderful parents from my birth community, including Birth Doula clients, KGHypnobirthing families, Positive Birth Wellington parents and Birth Wise couples have generously agreed to share their birth story with you here.

On their own, each story is totally inspiring in it's own right. In these very real stories, you'll read about incredible moments, challenging moments, difficult moments, beautiful moments and transformative moments.  When put together, this page becomes a diverse collection of courageous birth experiences shared by parents just like you. Through this page, my intention is to show you that
  • You have no idea how brave and strong you are
  • Birth doulas support your choices
  • KGHypnobirthing benefits any family, in any circumstances
  • The end goal is more than a totally pain free, orgasmic birth (although it might be)
  • YOU CAN make a difference to how your baby’s birth unfolds
“We couldn’t be more proud!”
My pregnancy was complication free and smooth sailing until 36 weeks. I went in for a blood test and was
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“An unexpected birth journey”
Our daughter was born in late winter 2018.  She was one of the 3% of babies who actually arrive on
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“Oh it was hard and it was wonderful. I loved it all”.
I was 41 weeks when my labor started. I woke up at 7 am. I felt little pop inside of
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“I could not have asked for a better labour and birth”
At 5:45am on Sunday 28th October I was sleeping when I felt a sudden gush of water. I was 39
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Welcoming Asher – “Hypnobirthing certainly got me through”
I can hear it now. “No two pregnancies, labours or births are the same”. “Every birth is unique”. So when
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Welcoming Isaac – “I remember repeating the words to my baby “we did it”.
When I was pregnant with my first baby, and like many new mums, I did not know much about birth,
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